Disaster History

About My Business (ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS HELLO Remix)

Martin Solveig & Dragonette go in…this little gem by the ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS comes out. About My Business (ROCK-IT! SCIENTISTS HELLO Remix)  Read More »

Weekly Womp

Yessir, another fresh batch of womp to carry you through the week.Coldplay – Fix You (Datsik Remix) Wiz Khalifa – Say Yeah (Gooffee Remix) Eleanor Rigby (IITAR Dubstep Remix) Doverspike – I Run This Bitch Black & Yellow (Big Gigantic + Samples Remix)  Read More »

Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love (Live on KEXP)

If you have ever watched Florence and the Machine videos on YouTube you’ve probably come across this video. They recorded this in a college radio studio a while back and it is incredible. I’ve loved this song since day one but the segment in Toy Soldier Production’s “Come Find ...


This band is called Starfucker.  No joke.  Also, the name seems surprisingly fitting for the music (kinda what I imagine it would sound like to fornicate with a star).  Anyways, these two songs are pretty great and I like the sound of this band a lot.  The first song (Bury Us Alive) definitely ...

Pusha T. – Lost in the World

Pusha T. released this today and he pretty much just took out Kanye’s verse from this original with Bon Iver and put his own in its place.  It’s a pretty good listen and bodes well for his mixtape, Fear of God, that should be coming soon.  Not a banger but definitely some good stuff ...

The Dean’s List – Dear Professor

Country music? Not for me. I do, however, dig this sample. Thanks to NDB19 for pinpointing the sample. This track is from The Dean’s List new mixtape, “The Drive In.” I was hesitant to post the mixtape because I am always skeptical of dorm room rap.  After listening to this a few ...

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