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MIXTAPE DJ Status – Karma

DJ Status is back on the tables with another killer old school mix. Karma delivers on every track, not to mention you can hear the vinyl through the speakers. Nuff said. And make sure to come see DJ STATUS THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!! Peep this track: Majestik Legend – Free Download the mixtape: DJ ...

Stalley ft. Rick Ross – Lincoln Way Nights (Remix)

I once told myself I would never post a Rick Ross track on this site – I’ve never been into him.  Fortunately, he is not on this song long enough to ruin it.  The beat is bumpin and this Stalley flow is absolutely raw. Half of me hails from OHIO so that half can stand up now. Stalley ...

The Mike Posner Show with DJ Benzi – April 22, 2011

These two have a Sirius XM satellite radio show that airs every Friday. Last night, DJ Benzi leaked the link to download the show on Twitter then quickly removed it.  Below is the full 320 kbps show for you to stream or download.  It’s got a lot of good tracks from Frank Ocean to Tupac to ...

Purity Ring – Ungirthed

Another BigBrixWilliams favorite. I heard this one at a friend’s house and it quickly became a playlist favorite during Sweaty’s first international business trip. EURO. SYNTH. POP. Ungirthed – Purity Ring (Download)  Read More »

Sneaky Soundsystem – U.F.O. (Skrubz Remix)

How about some dubby beats to take to sleep with you?  Goodnight, lovelies.   U.F.O. (Skrubz Remix)  Read More »

CunninLynguists – Hard As They Come

A sick song from an extremely impressive group.  This trio continues to kinda fly under the radar but they keep coming out with great stuff.  They really have incredible flow and just know how to lay down over a killer sample.  Enjoy. CunninLynguists – Hard As They Come  Read More »

MIXTAPE DJ Status – The Wool

This exclusive sweaty320 mixtape from DJ Status is straight hip hop. Fab Five hip hop. Nas and Quest hip hop. Fresh Nikes hip hop. You get the idea, now get some. Peep this track: DJ Status – Minerals + Vitamins Download the mixtape: DJ Status – The Wool  Read More »

Tightest Whitest – Stay With Me

Possibly the best song ever? You decide… Tightest Whitest – Stay With Me  Read More »

Weekly Womp

So it’s been a few, but the Weekly Womp is officially back. Quality over quantity as always. Forever Young (Cillos Wobble Wobble Remix) Never Gonna Give You Up (Fractal Son Dubstep Remix) Tiesto – Knock You Out (RuN RiOT Remix) Welcome To Jamrock (Savoy Remix) King Fantastic and Dirt Nasty ...

Throwback Thursdays: MIXTAPE Paper Route Gangstaz – Fear and Loathing in HuntsVegas

I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard this mixtape by the PRGz Spring of 2008. I listened to it in its entirety the first listen and fell in love. This is the extended bonus version with extra tracks all in 320 kbps.  Benzi and Diplo on the tracks? Yeah gimme dat! PRGz – ...

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