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Your dad was into shooting shit before you were and he has the gunpowder residue on his hands to prove it. Nothing says “I’m going to tear some shit up” like a pistol fully loaded with anarchy and aimed at the heart of fun. But, that was back when a man could eat a bag of shrooms and wander off into the mountains for a night of rage fist terror tripping. The gun was a necessity for him, because without it, he couldn’t kill the illusions that chased him through the hills.So hipsters, next time you’re eye fucking an iron sight at the shooting range, acting like your whiskey steel tough,  remember this… Your dad’s trip induced adventures in the wilderness are why the seven day waiting period was established.Big thanks to Rachel aka CuriousCurious for today’s photo submission
These guys go to a boarding school (what? who does that?) in Connecticut and they released a mixtape today called ‘Barely Legal’.  Its pretty good but this song is really good.
BONUS (this one is awesome too):