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Stealing Anders’ thunder here and posting the final piece to Abel Tesfaye’s (aka The Weeknd) mixtape trilogy.  The third installment, titled Echoes of Silence, was preceded by House of Balloons, first, and Thursday, second.  Despite our collective exhaustion of The Weeknd due to Ders’ infatuation, I must admit that this is pretty good stuff.  This guy impresses again and even though he continues to affiliate himself with Drake, I am digging this album.  Particularly, his cover of Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana (he sounds eerily like MJ) and another notable Clams Casino production stand out.  Overall, another prime product from this Toronto recluse and we hope for more in 2012.
Check out the previews and download the entire mixtape below.  Hope you enjoy it as much as us before the New Year.  Happy Holidys.