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Tune In Tokyo – Ray Of Love (DallasK Remix)

DallasK is known for getting us all sweaty with pounding bass and on point production. This time around DallasK drops a massive electro-house sweat monster. Turn it up and enjoy the night. Tune In Tokyo – Ray Of Love (DallasK Remix)  Read More »

Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Penguin Prison Remix)

I hope you all liked the Miike Snow remix we posted earlier this week because here is another.  This time remixed by a perennial favorite of mine, Penguin Prison, who makes it sound like were doin’ it at the disco.  If you are digging the Miike Snow stuff, head over to Bars & Pickups ...

Aesop Rock – Zero Dark Thirty

This guy is probably on my “all-time-FAVE-rappers” list and is not to be confused with A$AP Rocky.  He has a flow like none other and has been around for a while.  He is also another member of my favorite label, Rhymesayers, along with many other top-notch midwestern hip-hop artists. ...

Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Henry Fong Remix)

Throw some HEAVY bass behind the soothing vocals from the original Miike Snow track and you get this. Thanks Henry Fong for making me want to party tonight. Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Henry Fong Remix)  Read More »

Outasight – Believe In Me

Lil’ bit of inspirational hip hop. Solid beat, solid verses, and I’m a sucker for a slow piano riff. Outasight – Believe In Me  Read More »

Knife Party – Fire Hive (Krewella F*** on Me Remix)

Krewella, a dubstep act hailing from Chicago, breathes new life into an already massive Knife Party track by throwing in some new sounds and laying down some sick vocals. Knife Party – Fire Hive (Krewella F*** on Me Remix)  Read More »

Porter Robinson – Language

Here is a new banger from 19-year old Porter Robinson. This kid has been killing it on everything he touches, and this track is no exception. Holla MB.  Read More »

Happy Easter, y’all

Fan submission.  Read More »

MIX: Minnesota-Astral Projection Mix

I’m not sure how many of you know of Minnesota, but he has some great melodic tunes. Here’s a a nice sample and if you like what you hear be sure to check out his soundcloud for more. Minnesota-Astral Projection Mix  Read More »


I’ll let BLKKMORRIS describe this one: “Sex Trap is an attempt to lead the dregs of party life our of their dub step trap music captivity into a brave new world of airy music and heavy bass.”  BLKKMORRIS – Sex Trap  Read More »

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