Disaster History

Goldroom – Angeles (Redsean Remix)

Going deep down into the grab bag for this one. Redsean provides a steady, almost sparklingly upbeat synth riff to the already-anthem Angeles. Goldroom – Angeles (Redsean Remix) (Download)  Read More »

Shy Girls – Under Attack (The-Drums Remix)

I haven’t been this excited about a new R&B sound since .. well you know. Shy Girls – Under Attack (The-Drums Remix) (Download)  Read More »

Bass Physics – Old School Melody

This track + porch + sunshine = perfect. A lot of buzz recently from this Colorado duo and for good reason. Looking forward to seeing these guys develop their sound. #denverman Bass Physics – Old School Melody (Download)  Read More »

Jeremih (CUFT Edits)

No words needed here, just sex and trap. Jeremih – F U ALL THE TIME (CUFT Edit) (Download) Jeremih – Rated R (CUFT Edit) (Download)  Read More »

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (Noize Generation Remix)

Noize Generation keeps the feel good feel of the original vocals, however, I would say the emphasis of this song is definitely bass. Straight turnnnt up, fun bass. Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc (Noize Generation Remix) (Download)  Read More »

Charlie Darker – This Automatic

There are gems, and then there are gems the size of a gorilla fist. This song is of the latter. Charlie Darker takes his builds as seriously as his drops and it makes for an incredibly well balanced bass bonanza. Charlie Darker – This Automatic (Download)  Read More »

GRiZ – Too Young For Tragedy (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

You know you’ve officially arrived when you are getting remixed by a hip-hop legend. DJ Green Lantern puts his stamp on GRiZ’s opening track off of his debut album and pumps it full of a unique trap vibe while maintaining the song’s original appeal. Dopesauce. GRiZ – Too ...

Baauer – Harlem Shake (CAZZETTE Ultra Bootleg Remix)

It’s been a minute since we’ve posted a huge dubstep track, but CAZZETTE helps us out with a massive remix of Baauer’s (now overplayed) classic trap anthem, Harlem Shake. Trust me, turn it up and let this one bang… Baauer – Harlem Shake (CAZZETTE Ultra Bootleg Remix) ...

Pretty Lights – Around the Block ft. Talib Kweli + Album Announcement

Pretty Lights fans can rejoice as his new album, Color Map of the Sun, will officially be released on July 2nd. Even better, PL drops the first single along with an amazing video that showcases his talents as a producer who values the visual aspect of his music just as much as the sound itself. This ...

James Blake – Retrograde (Finn Philly Edit)

There have been A LOT of remixes of this near perfect song over the past few months but this one stuck out to me. My dude scROOFIO sent this my way a few days ago and it is pretty killer. It’s a nine minute ride that keeps you groovin the whole time. James Blake – Retrograde (Finn Philly ...

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