Disaster History


Kardinal Offishall + Doubletime = ILLSMITH. ILLSMITH makes up a genre then murders it. Welcome to COUNT TRAPULA. ILLSMITH – Wilin’ (Download)  Read More »

Rihanna – Stay (Butch Clancy Remix)

After a brilliant bootleg comes a rough, roaring seven minute plus remix by the man, Butch Clancy. Turn this one up yall. Rihanna – Stay (Butch Clancy Remix) (Jacob Grant Remix) (Download)  Read More »

Deadmau5 – Satellite (Jacob Grant Remix)

This is a same day remix of Satellite, the new demo from Deadmau5. Don’t let the quick turnaround fool you; rather, it speaks to the talents of young producer Jacob Grant. The subdued vocal track gets a boost of well-timed synths stabs and layers of bass to make any room into a concert hall. Deadmau5 ...

Daddy’s Groove – Stellar (Play-N-Skillz Remix)

Texas bred, Grammy winning hip-hop producers Play-N-Skillz bring their trapped out style to a track that wasn’t expecting it. This one takes you up and then sits yo’ ass down. Daddy’s Groove – Stellar (Play-N-Skillz Remix) (Download)  Read More »

Chief Keef – Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)

I heard this track in a mixtape a few weeks ago and have been salivating for the official release. Big bass and horns bring some fire to this hood anthem. Chief Keef – Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix) (Download)  Read More »

N8 ST9 – Morning Hero

Summer = feel-good anthem season. This track is a little different, but definitely worth a listen. The blend of the vocals with the upbeat synths really make this one hard not to smile to. Enjoy. N8 ST9 – Morning Hero (Download)  Read More »

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