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Morgan Page is hoping to turn the EDM world upside down with his new 3D production concept, and those in the Denver area have one of the first looks at this cutting edge technology in action as Skylab invades the Denver Coliseum. We got a chance to catch up with Mr. Page about his upcoming fall tour and some more insight into his new, bold vision for a live concert experience. Check out this exclusive interview and be sure to catch Page’s groundbreaking set this Saturday at 10:15 at Skylab!

I know you’ve dropped small hints about this new 3D production you are bringing on tour, but can you give us a few more details of what kind of experience people are in for?

I don’t want to spoil too much – but people can expect huge immersive environments and super hi-res 3D. No DJ has done anything like this, so it’s a whole new frontier. The visuals pull you in and you feel like part of the show.. it’s a whole new way to express the songs and the sonic landscapes I build when I make music.

The idea of a 3D show is super innovative and exciting. Can you give a little insight into how this new technology/vision for an EDM performance came together?

I wanted to try something different – too many DJ shows are the same LED wall with some guy spraying champagne in the crowd. I felt it was time to do something forward thinking and challenge the traditional way of doing shows. There are so many amazing possibilities with this technology – this is just the beginning. It took 30 animators working around the clock to create the visuals, and it’s amazing to work with people who are passionate about the show as I am.

Denver has really emerged as an EDM-oriented city. Can you quickly explain your perception of the music scene in Denver and or Colorado? Any CO artists that you’re listening to?

Denver’s always been a key city for me, and an early adopter for dance music. It’s always been a highlight playing Red Rocks and Beta, and the first time I played Skylab. I think Denver is always ahead of the curve with music. I think if I wasn’t living in LA, Denver would be great home-base.

This Fall Tour looks MASSIVE! How did you go about recruiting and handpicking the other artists to join you?

I basically picked my favorite emerging artists – guys that are pushing the envelope and doing amazing things. I supported their music on my radio show and loved their remix work, so it made sense to bring them on the tour. This is the first bus tour so it’s great to have a team of talented people around to talk shop and experience the same adventure with them.

I’m sure that an extended touring run can take its toll on your mind and body, especially considering the energy you bring to each and every one of your sets. Do you have any ways to manage the stresses of tour life, or any weird guilty pleasures to get you through?

Right now i’ve basically stopped any drinking at shows (we’ll see how long this lasts), but it’s just not sustainable – and it’s easier to sleep that way – since there’s a show almost every day. I rely on noise reduction headphones and good music (I love MOG).

I know everyone in Denver has been chomping at the bit for Skylab. Super excited for your set and a new spin on what an EDM show looks and feels like!