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While everyone has their own favorite part of Thanksgiving, many can agree that one of the highlights of this time of year is raging on Wednesday night before slipping into a stupor/food coma on Thanksgiving Day. If you are lucky enough to be in or traveling to Colorado over Thanksgiving, you are in for a holiday treat. Rusko, one of the kings of dubstep, will be setting things off at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver as he closes out his massive Life Me Up Tour.

Part of Rusko’s appeal is his ability to match the intensity and wildness of his music with his own live production and stage presence. His shows are, in scientific terms, completely bonkers from start to finish. Whether it’s his heavy drops or his rasta-inspired dubbiness, Rusko knows how to take a crowd on a wild ride through sight and sound and this is truly a show that shouldn’t be missed. Cop tickets here and get ready for an insane night before a lazy day off on Turkey Day!