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The night before Thanksgiving always promises to push the limits of celebration and those at the Rusko show this past Wednesday were in for something special. The Fillmore was packed with crowds feeling the “holiday spirit” and Rusko did his best to make the night extra special. And boy oh boy, he did not disappoint!

Rusko had two hype men and two dancers as part of his set and they were all on point. The hype men spit fire all night and worked seamlessly with Rusko, who dropped heavy reggae dubbers and wompiness that left everyone’s neck blissfully sore on Thanksgiving day. The show never missed a beat (pun intended) and it was popping off until The Fillmore shut it down. He played all the songs you expected and more that you didn’t.

Once again, Rusko reminded everyone why he has been and will continue to be one of the hottest producers in EDM. Although his tour is winding down, be sure to check Rusko out when he is in a city near you!