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If you know anyone who was at the Ogden Theater last night, you probably heard about the incredible performance Break Science put on for the Colorado crowd. The PLM members had more than a few tricks up their sleeves, including a full-live setup featuring an impromptu superjam of sorts with several of the members of the funk band Lettuce.

The Shady Horns and Eric Krasno enhanced Break Science’s already insane set by adding incredible play on the saxophone, trumpet, and electric guitar. An added cherry on top was the Denver debut of Manic Science, where the Break Science fellas brought out Manic Focus to drop some glitch hop bangers.

Overall, an unbelievable night filled with some of Break Science’s old and new jams showcasing their electro-soul production style. Bummer you couldn’t be there right? Don’t worry, Break Science is coming to a city near you so be sure to check them out! Still want more? Break Science just dropped a new mixtape so be sure to give it a listen!