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wave racer

This past weekend, Sweaty320 got a chance to check out one of electronic music’s rising stars in Wave Racer when he set the day off right at Denver’s Westword Music Showcase. Flexing some serious production skills and a masterful understanding of how to get the crowd, Wave Racer once again earned the adoration of Colorado. Wave Racer Despite record high temperatures, Wave Racer had the masses bumping and grooving throughout his set and was able to blend in countless genres and remixes while giving those in attendance a taste of some of his unreleased masterpieces. Once we had a chance to catch our breath, we sat down with Wave Racer (Tom Purcell) for a quick interview…

Welcome to Denver! How has your time been here so far?
“Hey thanks! It’s not my first time here, I’ve played here twice before. I was here last year for Snowball Music Festival and I’ve played 1-Up Colfax a couple times. Every time I come to Denver I love it, the crowds are always really good. Denver is a really cool city.”

Being from Australia, you get a ground level view of the music scene there. What is your take on the music culture there?
“Being on the ground gives a different perspective of the crazy success that a lot of Australian artists are having . To me, the industry in Australia is a very open community of friends and everyone knows each other very well and supports each other. There is also a lot of natural talent and creativity that is nurtured in Australian culture, which is a part of the reason why the scene is so exciting.”

You’ve garnered a ton of attention and fans through your music, how would you begin to describe your sound?
“That’s a tough question, I usually leave it up to other people to describe it . Some people use really strange sounds to describe my music. The inspirations that I pull from are very varied. I used to be really obsessed with disco music from the 70s and 80s , funk, soul. Right now I’m more focused on experimental electronic music, not just dance music but electronic music in general: dudes like James Blake, Cashmere Cat , Hudson Mohawke and producers of that level. And speaking of producers, pop music producers who create records for pop artists such as Max Martin and Dr. Luke, there are all kind of different elements of music production really that interest me and I try to combine a bit of all of them when I make my own stuff.”

You just kicked off a US tour, how do you go about preparing for tour life?
“I try not to wrap myself up too much while touring because then I blow all my steam too early on tour. There is no way you can really prepare because you don’t know what to expect when you go on the road. For me all I can do to prepare is to make sure I’ve got the music I need to play and make sure I have something new and exciting to show people. All I can do is play my music and that’s about it.”

Can you give us any hints as to what can we expect from Wave Racer in 2015?
“I’ve just nearly finished my new record, it’s a 4-track EP. I played some of the new stuff today in my set. So that will be released later this year, probably towards the end of 2015 but there will be a single coming out beforehand so people can expect to hear new music very soon! Other than that, I’m going to be doing some production work with other artists and some collaborations . Lots of music coming…”

I’m assuming this EP will be coming out through Future Classic. What is it like to be part of such a storied label?
“They are really good to me. Its been great. They are a really good crew. A tight family and they run a really tight ship. They’ve got some of Australia’s best artists on their roster and it’s very humbling to be a part of that crew. I consider myself very lucky: working with them has been a breeze and they give me a lot of creative freedom and never pressure me to do things I don’t feel comfortable with. They are always really supportive.”

We at Sweaty320 are more than stoked to get a taste of Wave Racer’s newest work, so be sure to check here in the fall for what is sure to be an awesome EP and catch Wave Racer while he is touring the US this summer!