Wet Paint – Gold Lights

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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from rising eletro-soul/future-funk duo Wet Paint. That is until today when they unleash their newest single that features some bone-rattling bass, saxophone steeze and dope samples, channeling some serious Big G vibes…

Nov 11 2014

Manic Focus – Cerebral Eclipse (EP)

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Manic Focus has been dropping tracks left and right off his newest EP, Cerebral Eclipse, and today we are presented with the entire album. His newest work definitely shows his progression as a producer and provides a testament to his growth in popularity considering the impressive collaborations scattered throughout the album. Definitely give this one a listen if you are looking for a fresh take on the electro-soul sound…

Oct 10 2014

Preview – The Floozies + Exclusive Interview

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This Saturday, electro-funk duo The Flooizes will be belting out their one-of-a-kind sound at the Fox Theater in Boulder for a can’t-miss show. The brotherly duo of Matt and Mark Hill are fresh off of their newest album, Tell Your Mother, and are gearing up to bring their insane live performance to Colorado. Supported by Manic Focus, this is the perfect show to see given the Fox’s intimate setting! Not in Boulder? Fear not! The Floozies will be playing in Denver at the Bluebird on Friday night! We were able to catch up the guys for an exclusive interview! Check it out!

Your guys’ sound is so unique and refreshing. For someone who hasn’t heard your music yet, how would you begin to describe it?
Funk. We use all these modern tools and technology to make music so sometimes it get’s labeled as electro funk or future funk, which i have no problem with, but I usually just say funk.

Who (or perhaps, what) are some of the biggest influences on your music?
Musically we like all the classic funk stuff – James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, all the George Clinton stuff, Herbie Hancock, Rick James, Zapp and Roger. Also Chris Cornell, Lettuce, Amon Tobin, Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Gramatik. We even listen to country. There’s something to learn from everything. And outside of music we’re inspired by people that are great at what they do: Daniel Day Lewis, Peyton Manning, Christopher Nolan, Lebron. It’s really inspiring to see anyone work hard toward a goal and achieve it, regardless of what that goal is.

Your album features a ton of awesome samples (the “Burger King” reference is pure gold on “Love, Sex and Fancy Things”). What’s your secret recipe for nabbing these samples?
To be honest it’s kind of random. I’ll just fall into a youtube tunnel and if I hear something we can use I’ll grab it and drop it into a song, tweaking the bejeezus out of it if necessary. Most of the samples on “One Word” are from an old obscure Bo Jackson interview.

You guys incorporate a ton of live instrumentation into your music. How does that play out on the production side and the live performance side of your music?
For the live versions of songs I leave certain parts out of the production to allow us more room to improvise and change things. I take out a lot of the guitar and drum stuff as well as set up the songs so that we can jump to any part of a song at any time as well as live loop something entirely new if we feel like it.

You guys have made quite a few trips to Colorado. How would you describe the music scene out here?
Incredibly fun. There’s always a good show to catch in Colorado, sometimes there’ll be like eight good shows to catch on the same day. And it’s great that there are so many music fans out there that you can be playing the same night as someone you’ve toured with before and both shows will be a blast. Always fun to play in Colorado. Plus it’s so pretty.

What are your keys to success for surviving the tour life? Any weird “must haves” that you guys bring along?
Facewash, vitamix blender, extra space in the suitcase for new socks, ear plugs, benadryl, and vitamin c packets. We’re still figuring that out too. The band tour gear is an ever evolving bag of stuff.

Thanks for your time guys! The Boulder show is going to be nuts!
Can’t wait!

Dec 12 2013

Perseus – Shadow of the Beast

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I had been patiently waiting the release of this massive new Perseus track since first hearing it in the French Express LA Boiler Room mix. I have been waiting forever for this particular vocal sample and Perseus took from it perfectly. This song is the meat between a sandwich made of Moonboots’ huge CHVRCHES remix and Waze and Odyssey’s insane R. Kelly track, both of which are also included for download below since I’ve been so absent recently.

Perseus – Shadow of the Beast


Chvrches – The Mother We Share (Moonboots Remix)


R. Kelly – Bump n Grind (Waze & Odyssey Remix)


Nov 11 2013

Preview – Grizmatik on Halloween

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Tomorrow night, Grizmatik (GRiZ + Gramatik) return to Colorado to get the funk down on what is sure to be a wild night. Having seen all of Grizmatik’s performances in CO, including a small show in CO Springs several years ago, I can confidently say that this is definitely an event that you don’t want to miss! GRiZ recently dropped his sophomore album, Rebel Era, while Gramatik’s album The Age of Reason is only weeks away. These guys really know how to bring the soul/bass filled sounds to the masses, and the thought of this happening on All Hallows Eve is already giving me goosebumps. Get your tickets now so you’re not kicking yourself come Friday!

Oct 10 2013

GRiZ – Smash the Funk (Official Video)

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It’s been awesome to see the rise of GRiZ over the last few years. It’s awesome to see someone so humble blowing up so big. This video highlights some of GRiZ’s first shows, all of which went down in colorful Colorado, from his first show at Red Rocks for Rowdytown I, as well as his first headlining gigs at The Fox (Boulder) and The Ogden (Denver). This video also captures some cool moments shared by GRiZ with members of Big Gigantic and the big homie Pretty Lights. Definitely worth a watch or ten…

Aug 8 2013