Preview – Bass Physics Set to Bring It to Boulder This Weekend

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Colorado natives and rising powerhouse in the music scene Bass Physics (A.P. Adair and Luke Sims) are gearing up to bring their signature live performance to Boulder this weekend! The duo is set to perform a late night set at The Fox. These guys have made major noise in the Colorado music scene this past year with their superior sampling, hot beats, and unique interpretation of what a live EDM show looks like. Whatever your plans, this double-header is just the way to set your long weekend off right. This is definitely a show you don’t want to miss so make sure to grab your tickets and get in gear before this thing sells out!

Aug 8 2014

Preview/Interview – Kraak and Smaak @ 1UP (Denver)

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This Friday, the Dutch super-funk trio Kraak and Smaak are bringing their insane live show to one of Denver’s newest venues, 1UP Colfax. This promises to be a super energetic performance that will meld almost every genre and vibe known to mankind. The guys were kind enough to answer a few of our questions and get us even more stoked for this show! Below the interview we have some of their most recent work for you to check out!

We’re sitting down with Kraak and Smaak to talk about their upcoming show in Denver. Your guys’ sound is truly one of a kind. How would you describe your music style?

I guess it’s a mix of various styles of dance music, from downbeat to uptempo house, but with an eye out for poppy songs as well. Although we have our roots in underground an alternative music scenes, and it’s not something we strive for explicitly, but most of our music seems to be fairly accessable for a larger audience as well.

We just have a very broad taste in music and this seems to be reflected over and over again in the stuff we make. Above all however, we are just very happy with the fact that it seems to be an original sound, and that this has always been the case throughout our musical career.

“Kraak and Smaak” is a name that definitely rolls off of the tongue. How’d you guys settle on the name and what exactly is the story behind it?

I think I heard that question before! The name derives from the dj company one of us had before we started out together. It’s a positive twist on a Dutch proverb, literally meaning ‘crunchy and tasty’, in this case music. We used it as a letter header when we first sent around demos to European record labels, and the one that bit, Jalapeno from the UK, suggested it as our act name. Of course we didn’t have the faintest idea that, pronounced in English, it seemed to mean something completely different, haha.

There definitely seems to be a recent push in the electronic music genre to include a lot of live instrumentation into the production and performance side of the music. How do you guys incorporate live instrumentation into your production and live performances?

Well, we have never been plugin or sample-based producers only, but through time we do have managed to acquire more hardware, it just gives you more creative possibilities and the hands on feel of ‘real’ musical equipment can often be very important in that process.
Our current flagship if you like is our Roland Jupiter 8. Maybe not very practical – the thing weighs about a 30kg – we always take it along when we play. But its sound is currently very important to us.
Our live show is for a small part laptop-based (for sequencing and sounds we cannot reproduce very well live), plus live synths, a live drummer (using triggers), a bass player, a dj for sounds and samples and a male and a female vocalist. In this way we feel we have the best of both worlds, somewhere inbetween a live band and an studio-based electronic act.

For someone who has never seen your perform live, what sort of show are they in for? How does your live show differ from your DJ sets?

Our live show features a full band on stage, lots of energy, rock n roll, funk, house, but also musically interesting and very dynamic in terms of style. It’s also original K&S material only, while our dj set contains more music than only our own. With the latter, we are currently much into the more deep house / (nu-)disco kinds of sounds. It’s great and feels totally natural to be able to do both live and dj shows, as we produce so many different things.

Who are some of your biggest influences on your musical style?

Oh wee, that ranges from proper house music to funk to disco to soundtracks to good pop music. Artist we really liked recently are f.e. Metronomy, Detroit Swindle, SBTRKT, Chet Faker, Moodymann, Max Graef, etc etc. Too many too mention really!

It’s awesome to see you guys playing in the States. Any must-haves or survival tips for the tour life?

We notice that it helps to stop partying heavily after a couple of days haha. We’re also in love with this fruit / vegetable drink ‘Naked’, which you can buy at most truck stops across the country: a good way to balance your fast food diet while on the road. And of course have look around if you can, you’re sometimes in the strangest places.

Thanks guys! Can’t wait to see you rock the house at 1UP this Friday!

May 5 2014

Preview – Gramatik + Exmag at Red Rocks 5/17

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There may have been snow on the ground in Colorado this week, but Gramatik’s first headlining show at Red Rocks this weekend will remind everyone that Red Rocks season is officially here with what is sure to be a funky, bass-filled extravaganza. Gramatik was on the cutting edge of live instrumentation for an EDM-styled show and I know the Sweaty team can’t wait to see what surprises he has in store for this epic performance.

Gramatik is bringing along his Lowtemp label mates, including their collaborative effort known as Exmag, will be setting this off for the night. Blending all of their unique tastes and styles, Exmag is definitely an act worth getting to the Rocks early for! Peep some of Exmag’s material below and be sure to cop tickets before this thang sells out!

May 5 2014

Preview – The Glitch Mob Set to Destroy Denver (Fillmore 4/25-26)

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Ladies and gents, get yourselves ready for a guaranteed unforgettable experience as The Glitch Mob gets ready to take over Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium next weekend (4/25-26).

Known for their unique bass-heavy experimental sound, the Glitch Mob will crank things up a notch with a new, cutting-edge performance including a stunning new production that will harness the energy and spontaneity of a live rock show. This is truly a show you don’t want to miss, so make sure you cop your tickets before this thing sells out!

Also, be sure to bang it over here to Sweaty with updates and some potential surprises leading up to the show,,,

Apr 4 2014

Preview – The Floozies + Exclusive Interview

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This Saturday, electro-funk duo The Flooizes will be belting out their one-of-a-kind sound at the Fox Theater in Boulder for a can’t-miss show. The brotherly duo of Matt and Mark Hill are fresh off of their newest album, Tell Your Mother, and are gearing up to bring their insane live performance to Colorado. Supported by Manic Focus, this is the perfect show to see given the Fox’s intimate setting! Not in Boulder? Fear not! The Floozies will be playing in Denver at the Bluebird on Friday night! We were able to catch up the guys for an exclusive interview! Check it out!

Your guys’ sound is so unique and refreshing. For someone who hasn’t heard your music yet, how would you begin to describe it?
Funk. We use all these modern tools and technology to make music so sometimes it get’s labeled as electro funk or future funk, which i have no problem with, but I usually just say funk.

Who (or perhaps, what) are some of the biggest influences on your music?
Musically we like all the classic funk stuff – James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, all the George Clinton stuff, Herbie Hancock, Rick James, Zapp and Roger. Also Chris Cornell, Lettuce, Amon Tobin, Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Gramatik. We even listen to country. There’s something to learn from everything. And outside of music we’re inspired by people that are great at what they do: Daniel Day Lewis, Peyton Manning, Christopher Nolan, Lebron. It’s really inspiring to see anyone work hard toward a goal and achieve it, regardless of what that goal is.

Your album features a ton of awesome samples (the “Burger King” reference is pure gold on “Love, Sex and Fancy Things”). What’s your secret recipe for nabbing these samples?
To be honest it’s kind of random. I’ll just fall into a youtube tunnel and if I hear something we can use I’ll grab it and drop it into a song, tweaking the bejeezus out of it if necessary. Most of the samples on “One Word” are from an old obscure Bo Jackson interview.

You guys incorporate a ton of live instrumentation into your music. How does that play out on the production side and the live performance side of your music?
For the live versions of songs I leave certain parts out of the production to allow us more room to improvise and change things. I take out a lot of the guitar and drum stuff as well as set up the songs so that we can jump to any part of a song at any time as well as live loop something entirely new if we feel like it.

You guys have made quite a few trips to Colorado. How would you describe the music scene out here?
Incredibly fun. There’s always a good show to catch in Colorado, sometimes there’ll be like eight good shows to catch on the same day. And it’s great that there are so many music fans out there that you can be playing the same night as someone you’ve toured with before and both shows will be a blast. Always fun to play in Colorado. Plus it’s so pretty.

What are your keys to success for surviving the tour life? Any weird “must haves” that you guys bring along?
Facewash, vitamix blender, extra space in the suitcase for new socks, ear plugs, benadryl, and vitamin c packets. We’re still figuring that out too. The band tour gear is an ever evolving bag of stuff.

Thanks for your time guys! The Boulder show is going to be nuts!
Can’t wait!

Dec 12 2013

Preview – Rusko at The Fillmore 11/27

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While everyone has their own favorite part of Thanksgiving, many can agree that one of the highlights of this time of year is raging on Wednesday night before slipping into a stupor/food coma on Thanksgiving Day. If you are lucky enough to be in or traveling to Colorado over Thanksgiving, you are in for a holiday treat. Rusko, one of the kings of dubstep, will be setting things off at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver as he closes out his massive Life Me Up Tour.

Part of Rusko’s appeal is his ability to match the intensity and wildness of his music with his own live production and stage presence. His shows are, in scientific terms, completely bonkers from start to finish. Whether it’s his heavy drops or his rasta-inspired dubbiness, Rusko knows how to take a crowd on a wild ride through sight and sound and this is truly a show that shouldn’t be missed. Cop tickets here and get ready for an insane night before a lazy day off on Turkey Day!

Nov 11 2013

Morgan Page Exclusive Interview + Skylab Preview

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Morgan Page is hoping to turn the EDM world upside down with his new 3D production concept, and those in the Denver area have one of the first looks at this cutting edge technology in action as Skylab invades the Denver Coliseum. We got a chance to catch up with Mr. Page about his upcoming fall tour and some more insight into his new, bold vision for a live concert experience. Check out this exclusive interview and be sure to catch Page’s groundbreaking set this Saturday at 10:15 at Skylab!

I know you’ve dropped small hints about this new 3D production you are bringing on tour, but can you give us a few more details of what kind of experience people are in for?

I don’t want to spoil too much – but people can expect huge immersive environments and super hi-res 3D. No DJ has done anything like this, so it’s a whole new frontier. The visuals pull you in and you feel like part of the show.. it’s a whole new way to express the songs and the sonic landscapes I build when I make music.

The idea of a 3D show is super innovative and exciting. Can you give a little insight into how this new technology/vision for an EDM performance came together?

I wanted to try something different – too many DJ shows are the same LED wall with some guy spraying champagne in the crowd. I felt it was time to do something forward thinking and challenge the traditional way of doing shows. There are so many amazing possibilities with this technology – this is just the beginning. It took 30 animators working around the clock to create the visuals, and it’s amazing to work with people who are passionate about the show as I am.

Denver has really emerged as an EDM-oriented city. Can you quickly explain your perception of the music scene in Denver and or Colorado? Any CO artists that you’re listening to?

Denver’s always been a key city for me, and an early adopter for dance music. It’s always been a highlight playing Red Rocks and Beta, and the first time I played Skylab. I think Denver is always ahead of the curve with music. I think if I wasn’t living in LA, Denver would be great home-base.

This Fall Tour looks MASSIVE! How did you go about recruiting and handpicking the other artists to join you?

I basically picked my favorite emerging artists – guys that are pushing the envelope and doing amazing things. I supported their music on my radio show and loved their remix work, so it made sense to bring them on the tour. This is the first bus tour so it’s great to have a team of talented people around to talk shop and experience the same adventure with them.

I’m sure that an extended touring run can take its toll on your mind and body, especially considering the energy you bring to each and every one of your sets. Do you have any ways to manage the stresses of tour life, or any weird guilty pleasures to get you through?

Right now i’ve basically stopped any drinking at shows (we’ll see how long this lasts), but it’s just not sustainable – and it’s easier to sleep that way – since there’s a show almost every day. I rely on noise reduction headphones and good music (I love MOG).

I know everyone in Denver has been chomping at the bit for Skylab. Super excited for your set and a new spin on what an EDM show looks and feels like!

Sep 9 2013

Supervision- Album Review and Show Preview!

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As Colorado gears up for Pretty Lights’ epic two night run at Red Rocks, we want to take the time to show love for one of his most prolific label mates/one of the most anticipated openers for his Saturday show: SuperVision. SuperVision’s latest EP, Telekinetic, is an epic follow-up to his debut album, Telescopic (both of which are available for free).
The album starts with a bang with “Super Like Vision,” a trippy, bass-filled track laced with an obscure, soulful sample that plays off of SuperVision’s own moniker. From the album’s first drop, the listener is taken on a glitched-out, heavy-hitting musical journey through decades of perfectly-melded samples and SuperVision’s trademark funk-fueled vibes. One of the most ear-catching tracks on the EP has to be “Close To Me” which features fellow Dallas, TX rhyme-spitter Jay Fresh going in on one of SuperVision’s wobble-filled, hip-hop inspired beats.
Rather than reading about the album, do yourself a favor and plug in some of your best speakers and blast it below. And be sure to do whatever it takes to get into Red Rocks early so you can catch what is sure to be one of SuperVision’s most awe-inspiring sets to date!

Aug 8 2013


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The Sweaty Crew is heading to Ultra today for a weekend full of fun in the sun, bumpin’ beats and plenty of debauchery. If we survive the next four days, we will be back next week with some Ultra-fied posts and hopefully some video recaps. If you spot us down there, come say what’s up for a chance at some free swag…

Mar 3 2013

Preview – Porter Robinson at Echostage (Washington, D.C. 12/22)

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While many are preparing their stockings and Christmas decorations for the upcoming holidays, those in the DC area are preparing for progressive house prodigy Porter Robinson, who will be performing at Echostage  on Saturday the 22nd. (more…)

Dec 12 2012
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