Review – HARD Red Rocks w/ RL Grime

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rl grime live

HARD Red Rocks was back in Colorado this year for its 4th installment of the annual festival on the Rocks. Hard Events is no stranger to the festival scene and the Red Rocks event has turned into a summer staple for Colorado.

This year Red Rocks was #blessed with headlining artist RL Grime, of the Wedidit collective. Wedidit is undoubtedly one of our favorite artist collectives. Anytime RL Grime, Shlohmo, or Groundislava is in town there is no way we’re going to miss out.

Formerly Clockwork, RL Grime has been releasing consistent music over the last few years that always seems to set the standard for the trap scene. Thursday night’s set was no different. RL Grime took the year’s biggest hip hop artists like Drake, The Weeknd, and Kanye West and added his signature heavy trap sound and drilled the crowd with best set of the night. Whether it was solo works “Because of U” or “Flood” or remixes of “The Hills” or “Mercy” RL Grime’s set was absolutely packed from start to finish. Check out the rest of his dates here and do not miss out on an opportunity to see him live. We are willing to bet that RL Grime will quickly become one of your favorite live sets so don’t sleep on this!

Aug 8 2016

Review – Gramatik @ Red Rocks

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Gramatik’s return to Red Rocks Amphitheater this past weekend will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most incredible performances of the entire summer. The Slovenian beat/sound master outdid himself yet again with an unbelievable set that could only be described as cinematic. Gramatik started the night off with a bang by bringing out ProbCause to rap over some of his newest tracks, including fan favorites Satoshi Nakamoto and Back To The Future. The rest of Gramatik’s set was a clinic in sound engineering, tastemaking and experimentation. He seamlessly melded countless genres of music, sprinkling in some of his earliest classics with new, unreleased material that had the audience entranced, eagerly waiting to hear and see where Gramatik would take the show. The addition of Russ Liquid to Gramatik’s performance can’t be overlooked as well: Liquid may be on one of the most talented musicians to join Gramatik’s live set, playing countless instruments and really elevating the quality of the show. Gramatik seems to step his game up each time we’ve seen him live, never getting stale and continuing to push the boundaries of sound and style. Just when the crowd finally caught their breath, the lights went out amid a flurry of activity on stage. When the lights came back on, the seemingly impossible had occurred: Big Grizmatik appeared. The combo of Big Gigantic, GRiZ and Gramatik was an absolute treat and they floored the crowd with an energetic, bass-laden set that ended the night with a bang. It was an amazing performance through and through, and Gramatik has cemented himself as one of the most talented producers and performers in the game. We are already salivating over Gramatik’s return to Red Rocks next year so make sure you don’t miss him!


Jun 6 2016

Review – ODESZA @ Red Rocks

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odesza red rocks
Photo Credit: Julian Bajsel

This show felt like a long time coming from the Seattle duo ODESZA. Their rise in popularity can only be described as meteoric and everyone knew that a headlining show at Red Rocks was one of the few checkmarks they still had to cross off. Based on their performance, ODESZA seemed to know that this moment was truly special and they made sure to take their performance to the next level. They pulled out all of the stops during their set, bringing up a ton of surprise instrumentalists including the Colorado University Marching Band as well as the Colorado Symphony to take some of their biggest tracks to unfathomable heights. The energy of the show and the crowd was absolutley amazing with people singing and dancing from the minute ODESZA took the stage. Arguably the highlight of the night was the absurd ending to their set when ODESZA played their “Make Me Feel Better” remix that whipped the crowd into an absolute frenzy. This performance really cemented ODESZA as one of the best musical acts out there and we can’t wait to see these guys tear up the Rocks again soon!

Jun 6 2016

Review – Chromeo x Jamie XX @ Red Rocks

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This past Thursday, Colorado’s famed Red Rocks Amphitheater was transformed into Funk On The Rocks thanks to epic performances from Chromeo and Jamie XX with support from What So Not and Four Tet. It was literally a perfect night for a concert: the warm temperatures and cloudless sky allowed all concertgoers to marvel at the sights and sounds in front and above them.


After What So Not and Four Tet got the crowd warmed up, Jamie XX discreetly took the stage and began arguably the most unforgettable performance of the night. Amidst a mesmerizing disco-light display, Jamie XX showcased why he is considered one of today’s greatest producers and DJs. With no laptop in sight, Jamie XX masterfully transitioned between his two turntables and his large crate of vinyl behind him. And what a crate it was: his set melded seemingly all genres of music, from trance and funk to more deeper house and disco vibes. One of the biggest compliments we could give Jamie XX was that he let his music speak for itself as he didn’t use his microphone once during his entire set.


After the crowd got a chance to catch their breath from Jamie XX’s unbelievable set, Chromeo took the stage amidst much fanfare and brought the house down! Accompanied by a three-person horns section, Chromeo (comprised of Dave1 and P-Thugg) reminded everyone why they are considered the Funklords. Their set was nonstop energy and their electro-rock take on synth pop vibes had the crowd dancing until the wee hours of Thursday night. It was great to see a band that has been around for quite some time sprinkle in jams both new and old and their upbeat tempo really made the night one to remember.


This year’s Funk On The Rocks proved two things: that Red Rocks knows how to get down, and Chromeo and Jamie XX sure know how to get a party started! We can’t wait to catch Chromeo next year for what is sure to be another funk-filled start to the summer concert season!

Jun 6 2016

Review – Bag Raiders @ Larimer Lounge

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bag raiders live

This past Monday was definitely one for the books as Bag Raiders took their brand new live set (featuring Plastic Plates on drums) to Larimer Lounge in Denver. Although the show was early in the week, it had the buzz of a Saturday night as the venue was completely packed. Bag Raiders kept the energy up the entire night, playing fan favorites from their early days and debuting their newest tracks from their recent EP, Checkmate. Bag Raiders continue to be a awesome example of what live electronic can be and it’s a surprise fewer people have had a chance to see this dynamic duo from down under. Luckily, you still have a chance to catch them in the US, so be sure to check their upcoming tour dates!

Mar 3 2016

Review – Break Science @ Howard Theatre

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bscience howard thetare

If you were lucky enough to catch Break Science’s epic throwdown this past Friday at the Howard Theatre in DC, then you probably had one of the most memorable weekend’s of the year. Borahm Lee and Adam Deitch shook off the post-Thanksgiving grogginess and played an incredible set in front of a packed house at one of the District’s most intimate venues. Dropping tracks both new and old and even bringing the guitarist from Matisyahu to sit in, their set was definitely one for the books. It is always a treat to see such passionate performers in a smaller setting and it was clear from their set that there are big things on the horizon for this Brooklyn-based duo. There are still a few dates left on their Force of Nature tour so make sure you catch these guys before 2015 comes to close!

Nov 11 2015

Review – Hermitude @ 1-Up Colfax

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Photo cred: J Mimna Photography

Photo cred: J Mimna Photography

It was a cold and dreary night in Denver, but that didn’t stop thousands from packing 1-Up Colfax to catch an all-time set from Hermitude. The Australian duo brought their A game to a packed house, showcasing their unique take on a live performance. Whether controlling the decks or going hard on the drum kit, Luke Dubber and Angus Stuart really proved why they are considered one of the hottest acts in the game right now. Their set catered to virtually all music aficionados, bouncing from genre to genre. Not only did they break out some of their biggest tracks, but they also treated the crowd to a ton of unreleased originals and remixes that really set the night off. These guys are really starting to turn heads around the scene, so make sure you catch these fellas when they roll through a city near you!

Nov 11 2015

Review – Big Wild @ The Bluebird

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big wild live

Last night, Denver was treated to an intimate and eye-opening performance by up and coming artist Big Wild at the Jiberish 10th Anniversary Party at the famed Bluebird Theater. Big Wild showcased his unique production skills and surprised everyone with his stellar live instrumentation and stage presence. For an artist who is just beginning to emerge, this performance indicates that big things are on the horizon for Big Wild, so be sure to catch him as he brings his music to a stage or city near you!

Oct 10 2015

Review – Rowdytown IV w/ Big Gigantic

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rowdytown rocks

This past weekend, Colorado’s own Big Gigantic shut down Red Rocks season in epic fashion with their fourth coming of Rowdytown. Featuring a slew of the hottest openers and a seemingly endless stream of surprises and new releases, this was truly the most over-the-top Big Gigantic performance to date.

thomas jack

Friday night kicked off with a ton of great openers, as future house sensation JAUZ and tropical house superstar Thomas Jack got the crowd bumping and grooving before Big G. As excitement continued to build, Big Gigantic (Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken) took the stage donning all-white custom Big G baseball jerseys.The Boulder duo was not alone as the The Motet joined in support to add another layer of funky instrumentals to some of Big G’s earliest tunes. Lalli did an excellent job of reproducing some of the groups original songs while layering in their newer material and other festival ready anthems that kept the crowd hyped all night long. One of our favorite parts of the night was their live rendition of Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars ‘ Uptown Funk featuring vocals and instrumentals from The Motet.

rl grime

Just when everyone thought that Night 1 couldn’t be topped, Saturday rolled around and everyone in attendance had their expectations shattered right from the get go. Vomitstep pioneer SNAILS had the crowd and rocks shaking with his heavy drops and bass-filled heaters. Before the crowd could catch their breath, trap legend RL Grime brought down the house with countless remixes and hip-hop bangers in an all-time great set that will be remembered for long after this past weekend.


And then there was Big G… When it seemed impossible to top their previous night’s performance, the Boulder duo turned things up a notch or two. Their set was a funk-filled ride from start to finish, including a ton of new releases (including another collaboration with SNAILS) and classics revisited. However, the crown jewel of the night was their Notorious B.I.G tribute that consisted of their Notorious Thugs remix and a live performance of Juicy and Hypnotize from a Biggie doppelganger that sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy.


All in all, Big Gigantic proved once again why there are one of the most exciting and unique players in the game right now. We here at Sweaty are already counting down the days until Rowdytown V. If you are like us and need to see Big G before next summer rolls around, catch them on their Get On Up Tour at a city near you!

big g

Sep 9 2015

Review + Interview – Wave Racer @ Westword Music Showcase

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wave racer

This past weekend, Sweaty320 got a chance to check out one of electronic music’s rising stars in Wave Racer when he set the day off right at Denver’s Westword Music Showcase. Flexing some serious production skills and a masterful understanding of how to get the crowd, Wave Racer once again earned the adoration of Colorado. Wave Racer Despite record high temperatures, Wave Racer had the masses bumping and grooving throughout his set and was able to blend in countless genres and remixes while giving those in attendance a taste of some of his unreleased masterpieces. Once we had a chance to catch our breath, we sat down with Wave Racer (Tom Purcell) for a quick interview…

Welcome to Denver! How has your time been here so far?
“Hey thanks! It’s not my first time here, I’ve played here twice before. I was here last year for Snowball Music Festival and I’ve played 1-Up Colfax a couple times. Every time I come to Denver I love it, the crowds are always really good. Denver is a really cool city.”

Being from Australia, you get a ground level view of the music scene there. What is your take on the music culture there?
“Being on the ground gives a different perspective of the crazy success that a lot of Australian artists are having . To me, the industry in Australia is a very open community of friends and everyone knows each other very well and supports each other. There is also a lot of natural talent and creativity that is nurtured in Australian culture, which is a part of the reason why the scene is so exciting.”

You’ve garnered a ton of attention and fans through your music, how would you begin to describe your sound?
“That’s a tough question, I usually leave it up to other people to describe it . Some people use really strange sounds to describe my music. The inspirations that I pull from are very varied. I used to be really obsessed with disco music from the 70s and 80s , funk, soul. Right now I’m more focused on experimental electronic music, not just dance music but electronic music in general: dudes like James Blake, Cashmere Cat , Hudson Mohawke and producers of that level. And speaking of producers, pop music producers who create records for pop artists such as Max Martin and Dr. Luke, there are all kind of different elements of music production really that interest me and I try to combine a bit of all of them when I make my own stuff.”

You just kicked off a US tour, how do you go about preparing for tour life?
“I try not to wrap myself up too much while touring because then I blow all my steam too early on tour. There is no way you can really prepare because you don’t know what to expect when you go on the road. For me all I can do to prepare is to make sure I’ve got the music I need to play and make sure I have something new and exciting to show people. All I can do is play my music and that’s about it.”

Can you give us any hints as to what can we expect from Wave Racer in 2015?
“I’ve just nearly finished my new record, it’s a 4-track EP. I played some of the new stuff today in my set. So that will be released later this year, probably towards the end of 2015 but there will be a single coming out beforehand so people can expect to hear new music very soon! Other than that, I’m going to be doing some production work with other artists and some collaborations . Lots of music coming…”

I’m assuming this EP will be coming out through Future Classic. What is it like to be part of such a storied label?
“They are really good to me. Its been great. They are a really good crew. A tight family and they run a really tight ship. They’ve got some of Australia’s best artists on their roster and it’s very humbling to be a part of that crew. I consider myself very lucky: working with them has been a breeze and they give me a lot of creative freedom and never pressure me to do things I don’t feel comfortable with. They are always really supportive.”

We at Sweaty320 are more than stoked to get a taste of Wave Racer’s newest work, so be sure to check here in the fall for what is sure to be an awesome EP and catch Wave Racer while he is touring the US this summer!

Jun 6 2015
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